What should I wear?

The Ceremony

We want everyone to look sharp, but appropriate for a mountain top.  Because who doesn’t have experience combining mountain peaks and formal attire?

We’re not sure this falls into any traditional wedding attire category, but the closest thing would be semi-formal/dressy casual.

For the Ladies

Think a casual dress, but not too formal. Of course if you’re not into dresses, wear whatever you’re comfortable in that’s the equivalent.

We’re going to be outside on a beautiful day in the sunshine (hopefully), so feel free to wear spring colors with an outdoor vibe.

For the Gents

Go with either a suit or a sport coat and pants. (If you show up without pants, we’re going to put you in the back row).

Tie optional, go with how you feel.  

Any color other than black will likely look good.

Attire Examples

The Reception

No need to be as fancy as the ceremony here.  Think a nice date night.

Collared shirt and slacks or chinos for the men.  No tie needed.

Casual dress or equivalent for the ladies.